Remote Training

The RCT (Remote Classroom Training) provides most all of the experience of being physically in the classroom. This is a hands-on, live instructor led class. The student listens to and can communicate with the instructor. The student sees the instructor's machine and follows along with the same presentation. The student will see the same writing and drawings that are visible to other students. The student will log into the classroom servers to perform the same labs as the in-classroom students. The student will take the certification exams at many of the same times at local testing centers, arranged by the Cyber Security Course Testing Center.

Live Remote Classroom Training provides the best way to gain knowledge rapidly, obtain certifications, and save travel hassle and costs. Has your travel budget been reduced recently? Here is the way to attend the same course, with the same instructors, on many of the same dates, from the comfort of your home or office.

The course includes all courseware, practice exams, and certification exams. If the class is 7 days or longer, it also includes your RCT Training Insurance: should you wish to sit in on all or part of your course again, you may at no charge. In addition, should you leave the organization for any reason within one year of completing the RCT course, one replacement employee can attend the same RCT course at no additional charge except for the course materials.

Cyber Security Course also provides further Grants (discounts) to members of the Military, Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies and Departments. In addition there are Grants for Multiple Students attending the same or other RCT courses at the same time or on different dates!